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Truck and Van Hire in Crawley | Complete Logistical Solutions

There are many different situations in which commercial clients can find themselves in need of a quality truck rental or van rental solution. On this page, we’ve run through a few of the most common reasons that companies and sole traders in and around the Crawley area call Webb & Sons Truck & Van Hire. In one of the below situations and want to secure a quote for van / truck hire? Use the Get A Quote tool on this website, or if you’re more comfortable obtaining one over the phone, give us a call on 07971 283 890.


How Crawley Clients Make Use of Van Hire & Truck Hire


When a Vehicle’s Out of Action – Many a tradesman in the Crawley area has come to us after their trusty van has broken down, failed an MOT or has been in desperate need of servicing. As any sole-trader or SME owner will know, being deprived of a vehicle for even just a few days can be devastating – it might mean you have to turn down a job, or delay one which needs to be completed to avoid contract violation. Van rental can save the day, allowing you to go about business as usual until old faithful is back in action.


Delivering Goods & Transferring Stock – One reason why Crawley companies invest in our services is to transfer goods between locations, or to deliver a large order of product. Depending on the scale of the company and the amount being sold, either van hire or truck rental will prove appropriate. If you’re unsure about selecting a type/model of vehicle, we urge you to contact us. Our friendly team will happily discuss your situation, and recommend a vehicle for the job based on your requirements – ensuring that you get the right service, and cost-effective truck rental or van rental.


Where Margins Are Tight – If you’ve founded a new business, you’re bound to be faced with tight margins, Rome wasn’t built in a day after all! But it may also be that you need a single vehicle or fleet of vehicles to due to the industry you’re in. Fledgling Crawley SMEs would do well to consider the benefits of avoiding straight-up buying a vehicle, and instead make use of our affordable van rental and truck rental services. You won’t have to tie up nearly as much capital, and won’t be subject to additional fees like MOT testing, repairs and servicing as and when required, licence fees etc. It’s a great way to get going; many of our clients stick with our truck hire and van hire long after they’ve made their business a success, not just because of our fantastic customer service, but our low prices.


Cope With Demand – Larger companies around Crawley often find that business ebbs and flows throughout the year, with spikes in demand coming at seemingly anytime. A logistics company, for example, may find they’re a truck or van short in a particularly busy Christmas period. Rather than having to purchase a vehicle which then may long go unused through slower periods of the year, making use of van hire or truck rental to “plug the gap” is incredibly useful. You’ll ensure you can continue to operate efficiently, and rise to the occasion when business is booming!


Are you in or around the Crawley area and in need of short, mid or long-term truck rental or van rental? Call Webb & Sons Truck & Van Hire today on 07971 283 890