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Van and Truck Rental in Croydon | Local and Regional Experts

While many of our clients in and around Croydon come to us needing truck rental or van rental for a very specific one-off job, many more are looking for a mid-to-long term truck hire or van hire. Some are sole-trading tradesmen who need a transit or box van to go about their day-to-day work. Others are commercial entities who are increasingly realising that vehicle rental is a flexible option that should just been seen as a one-off or “in between” solution which precedes the purchase of a vehicle. On this page, the team at Webb & Sons Truck & Van Hire has looked to explain why this perception of the industry is changing.


Why Van & Truck Hire is More Than Just a Short-Term Solution


The key advantage that truck rental or van rental offers Croydon companies who would otherwise be forced to purchase a vehicle, is that they can adapt to demand without over committing to a fleet. If you’re a supplier and business is booming one month, meaning you need the capacity that a truck affords to move stock from A to B, why invest such a large amount of money in a new vehicle when truck hire or van hire will allow you to meet demand while minimising the risk that business slows down the next month – leaving you with a brand new vehicle that’s not being used as much as it should be.


By using truck hire or van hire, you ensure you stay on toes, able to adapt to whatever’s thrown at you. If you suddenly find you don’t need as many vehicles as you were previously using, then that’s fine. Likewise, if you need to up the ante at short-notice, we’ll be able to deliver you a suitable vehicle. As our rates get cheaper and cheaper the longer the term you commit to, there is certainly upside to Croydon clients who need a truck or van for 28 days +.


Other reasons why van rental and truck rental is becoming known as so much more than a shot-term logistical solution, is companies and traders avoid all the hassle and cost associated with maintaining and repairing vehicles, securing MOTs etc. We keep our fleet in top quality order, so they’re always ready and raring to go when the next customer comes along. Not only does this save you money, but it means you can focus on other things that are more integral to your business not just surviving, but prospering.


In Croydon and searching for a reliable provider of truck hire or van rental? Pick up the phone and call Webb & Sons Truck & Van Hire today on 07971 283 890.