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Van and Truck Rental in Guildford | Common Questions Answered

On this page, we’ve looked to answer a select handful of questions that our team often receive from Guildford clients who are making use of our truck rental or van rental services for the first time. If you have a different question for us, or you would like to discuss your requirements and receive a no-obligation quotation for whatever period and type of truck hire or van hire you require, please give the friendly team at Webb & Sons Truck & Van Hire a call on 07971 283 890.


Common Queries Answered for Guildford Clients


How long can you provide van hire or truck hire for?

We offer a range of different truck rental and van rental terms to our Guildford clients, ranging from single day rentals, to 28+ day terms. There’s no upper limit to how long we can provide van hire and truck hire, so you can use our vehicles indefinitely, should you wish!


What vehicles do you offer as part of your truck hire service?

Our truck rental fleet vehicles fall into the following three categories: 7.5 tonne, 18 tonne and 26 tonne.


…and for van hire?

Our van rental fleet includes both box vans and transit vans.


What are the benefits of hiring for a 28+ day term?

Guildford clients who require van hire and truck hire for periods of over 28 days will benefit from generous savings which only get better as the term increases. We put this discount in place to assist those who want to use a flexible transportation solution rather than invest in a truck or van of their own, and those who may be looking to replace a beloved vehicle that has unfortunately become too expensive to keep running. We love to build long-lasting relationship with Guildford motorists/companies.


Do I need any special licence to utilise a HGV via your truck hire service?

Yes. To drive any vehicle over 7 tonnes, you’ll need to secure a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). You’ll need to pass four separate elements, covering both theory and practical. If you lack a CPC, you can still utilise our van rental service!


In Guildford and have a different query for the Webb & Sons Truck & Van Hire team? Give us a call on 07971 283 890. We’re the area’s top choice for truck rental and van rental.