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Van and Truck Hire in Tonbridge | Driving Qualifications

We’re proud to provide truck rental and van rental to a real range of clients, which make-up a genuine cross-section of society, from veteran commercial drivers to homeowners in need of van hire short-term. Occasionally, we receive inquiries from Tonbridge companies who require truck hire, but are unsure about what legal requirements you need to meet to be able to drive one.


On this page, we’ve run through what it takes to become a qualified lorry driver. Please keep in mind you only require a HGV licence to make use of truck hire over 7 tonnes. If you don’t need a vehicle quite so big and are based in or around the Tonbridge area, we recommend our highly affordable van hire service.


So You Want to Drive a HGV…


Firstly, the basics. You need to be over 18, have a full car licence and obtain a professional driving certificate known in short as a CPC (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence). To secure this certification and become legally qualified to make use of HGV truck rental, you’ll need to pass four tests with an official provider based in or around Tonbridge. The four separate parts of the test are:


• Part 1 – Theory

• Part 2 – Case Studies

• Part 3 – Driving Ability

• Part 4 – Practical Demonstration


Tonbridge drivers who’ve recently qualified for their CPC (congratulations!) should keep in mind that when making use of our truck hire services, it’s important to always carry your Driver CPC Card. If you are driving professionally and fail to have it on your person, you may be liable to a fine. But that’s not all. Every 5 years you’ll need to take 35 hours of CPC training to continue to be allowed to drive lorries professionally, and when you turn 45 years’ old – you’ll need to renew your licence.


If this all sounds like a little too much, and you are not obliged to make use of truck hire professionally, consider the van rental options that we offer. Webb & Sons Truck & Van Hire offers Tonbridge clients a fleet of both transit and vans that boast plenty of room in the back to transport products, tools or whatever else it is you need to transport.


Searching for a provider of truck hire and van hire in or around the Tonbridge area? Pick up the phone and call Webb & Sons Truck & Van Hire today on 07971 283 890.